The Doggie Patch

The Doggie Patch is a simple solution to a complex problem.
A self contained, natural draining garden for doggies that need a little grass in their busy city lives.

The Doggie patch is a self contained garden with an integrated drainage system, real grass and weather resilient timber. 

The grass does not smell at all and provides a natural environment for your dog to relieve him or herself with pride.

Our patches are now deeper to help the grass maintain for longer.


800 x 800       R2442 (excl delivery & installation)

1000 x 1000   R3135 (excl delivery & installation)

*Delivery and Installation  R500 (Cape Town and surrounds)

Custom sizes can be quoted on request

Replacement grass:   R650 (delivery & installation)

Order and Delivery

Once payment has been received, orders take 7-10 working days.

Doggie Patches can be delivered and installed within a 20km radius of Cape Town CBD.

Please contact us to quote on areas outside of Cape Town


There is a natural drainage system built into the Doggie Patch. No worries about over watering your grass. The excess water will run off down your drain. 

The doggie patch is best placed near your natural drainage system on your balcony for water due to rain.


We use all natural grass which helps prevent stink and stains. Wee drains through the grass and away. 

We have recently sourced grass that does best in shade as we find many balcony's do not get enough sunlight for photosynthesis and therefore growth of the grass.


The wood we use is specially treated timber which is resilient to harsh weather conditions, including rain and wind.

No rotting of the wood due to water damage!

Maintenance of your Doggie Patch and Grass

Maintenance of your Doggie Patch is very low. You do, however, need to care for your grass as you would for your houseplants.

Water regularly, pick up any doggie parcels and dispose thereof. You need to cut your grass with hedge trimmers every 10 to 14 days.